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MIDIcreator & The Drake Music Project
Uploaded: 2006-02-07 by Tim Anderson
Category: | Special Needs | Community |

Alistair playing the trumpet using a motion sensor with his foot. St Rose MIDIcreator is used in workshops by the Drake Music Project across the UK.Read More...

Music-making by patients in a Neuro-disability Hospital
Uploaded: 2006-01-10 by Audrey Podmore
Category: | Community |

MIDIcreator is a marvellously versatile resource which I have used across a wide range of age and ability levels. Recently, I have been facilitating music-making by patients in a neuro-disability hospital and, as usual, I have found many uses for this 'little box of tricks'. Read More...

small world:Big Drums
Uploaded: 2005-12-20 by Kev Howard
Category: | Community |

We(small world: Big Drums project) took delivery of the MIDIcreator for a three month trial in early 2005. The project works with people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health issues across the Tees Valley. The aim of the project is to help people explore their creativity through music and creative writing.Read More...