Sat 28 Feb 2015

MIDIcreator Resources

The resources section is your opportunity to pick up brochures, price lists, case studies and information about music technology in general.


MIDIcreator Brochure
MIDIcreators, sensors, portable kits and peripherals

Case Studies

Starting with Play - Introducing music technology.
Lidgett Grove School in York is a primary special school which first used MIDIcreator technology to make their soft play area interactive!

AMICUS - Enhancing creativity through music technology
IMS technology is being used by a special inclusive project 'AMICUS' to promote creativity and interaction in special needs schools.


Technical data for MIDIblock

Technical data for MIDIcushion

Technical data for MIDIfloorpad

MIDIgesture Ver1
Technical data for original MIDIgesture

MIDIgesture Ver2
Technical data for updated MIDIgesture

Technical data for MIDIsensor

Technical data for MIDIsqueeze

Technical data for MIDIwhizz

Switch Adaptors
Technical data for Switch Adaptors


MIDIcreator Quick-Start Guide
Simple connection diagrams for MIDIcreator basic and advanced set-ups.

Using MIDIlights
A short guide to setting up and using MIDIlights.

MIDIgesture Guide
A guide to setting up and using the latest MIDIgesture.

MIDIcreator MIDI Implementation Chart
Outlines the MIDI options for MIDIcreator, allowing you to match it against sound modules, keyboards etc

MIDIcreator Plus MIDI Implementation Chart
Outlines the MIDI options for MIDIcreator+, allowing you to match it against sound modules, keyboards etc

Making Sensors - Pots
How to make a simple sensor out of a potentiometer

MIDIcreator+ Instruments
Instrument list for the MIDIcreator+.

Reading a MIDI Implementation Chart
How to read a MIDI Implementation Chart


Advanced Kit Manual
IMS Manual for the MIDIcreator Advanced Kit.

Old MIDIcreator Manual
Original MIDIcreator Manual. This is the small black box, with a button and display.

MIDIcreator Manual
The complete MIDIcreator users' Manual. This revised version was released in 2000 and is suitable for all units with coloured front panels.

Total Music Kit
Manual for the Total Music Kit. Included a MIDIcreator, Speakers, Sensors and several Theme Cards.

Portable Kit - 2005+
Comprehensive manual for the IMS Portable Kit. This is for the version with the metal connection panels, released in 2005.

Training Manual
Training notes for using MIDIcreator. Includes Theme template sheets.


"Sounds Different" 2003
Immersive Media Spaces 2003 newsletter.

"Sounds Different" 2005
Immersive Media Spaces 2005 newsletter.


Configuration Builder
MIDIcreator Configuration Builder, as supplied with the MIDIcreator. Note this file is in zip format.

Theme Sheets

Creator 0 - Scale 1
Theme sheet for Prog 1 - Scales(midi_config11.5.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 1 - Scales 2
Theme sheet for Prog 1 - Further Scales(midi_config10.5.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 2 - Chord Bank 1
Theme sheet for Prog 2 - Chord Bank 1(midi_config12.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 3 - Drum Kit
Theme sheet for Prog 3 - Drum Kit(midi_config13.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 4 - Arpeggios
Theme sheet for Prog 4 - Arpeggios(midi_config14.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 5 - Chord Bank 2
Theme sheet for Prog 5 - Chord Bank 2(midi_config15.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 6 - Blues
Theme sheet for Prog 6 - Blues(midi_config16.mcc) in Theme Library.

Creator 7 - The Bells
Theme sheet for Prog 7 - The Bells, The Bells!(midi_config17.mcc) in Theme Library.